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23 September 2012

UV Radiation and Your Eyes

Nagoya Town Hall 
1-1, Sannomaru 3-chome, 
Naka Ku Aichi 4608508 
Tel: 0529723064 Front Desk Fax: 0529627134

In this Town do people want to see you dead or buried alive? 
Do citizens, both male and especially female, flip you the bird? 

Are you aware of the risks of skin cancer from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation and how to protect your eyes? 

Take a ride with me on bicycle to get a better view of how citizens of your Town have no concern nor manners at all. 


Let me assure you now this common occurrence is spreading quickly throughout Mizuho Ward like whooping cough

Also, could you explain why Japanese citizens of your Town are such careless longsighted drivers?

Isn't it wonderful how Japanese automobile drivers in Aichi, both male and female, are able to eat without chopsticks, pick their noses, put on make up, smoke, and talk on mobile phones, all at the same time, while driving!

Why are APPD Police Officers sitting on their butts in police boxes? 

Why aren't APPD Police Officers outdoors enjoying biking or walking their beats wearing designer sunglasses

Better still, APPD could be patrolling in their air conditioned, Toyota Police Cars, isn't that right? Wahat? No more presence?

Just a note on how last week I was assaulted and forcefully manhandled by two APPD Officers: Kamada Seiichi and his cohort from Komaki, while crossing the street in front of the NIC Building. Were they trying to break my neck?

Do you get the picture or should I speak to you in Greek? 

What is more disturbing is how teenage boys form gangs at Kyoeikotogakko  and have gone wild, fighting senior citizens, pointing fingers like a smoking gun while screaming racist hate phrases at foreign nationals.  

Do these racist discriminating tories ever take a night off from inhale-exhale of their drugs? 

"Maybe it is some weed they are smoking." my HIS friend Makino says.

Even though high school education is not mandatory, these gangster guys must have some level of common sense ability above that required to graduate from a Japanese Junior High School. 

Do they? Don't They? Q'EA' T RO 

It is within my professional broadest sense as an Author, Infant-Child-Adolescent-Adult Psychoanalyst, Educator, Executive International Business Person and Publisher of that Family Santulli made renowned by the virtues of its members among the Masters who took part to The Royal College of The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies; Naples and Sicily -

this youth gang has won rights to be locked in for the next three months minimum at a Secure Security Bureau

Are such ruthless Japanese teenagers without parents? 

Why are teenage boys privileged to roam the streets of your Town? 
Are they having sex with your wife?

Wahat? You say the, "Sanomaru Detention Center has no vacancies?" 

So that is where the parents are sitting out their pre-trial settlements. Busy Busy Conon-Camera shoot those Japanese!

Regarding the Exclusive Louis Vuitton Cap,  1 of 3 created in HQ Paris for President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro and Grand Father;

the suspect thief has refused to return the cap, a hand me down from Grand Father, stolen from NTT Nishi Nihon Hospital rooms.


The young Lady in this photo, wearing my hand me down from Grand Father, Louis Vuitton Cap and Shirt has also not been heard or seen alive for over 10 years by International Paternal Relatives Across The World. 

Would you know if US International Citizen Sayaka Irene Kunishima, my daughter is alive or dead?

Japanese national Kunishima Seiko aka Kunishima Masako aka Mrs Masako Wischmann aka Hijiriko aka Sayaka Irene Kunishima's mother aka whatever the b_tch name is; 

last known living in Gifu Prefecture, Motosu Gun, Kitagata Cho, Kitagata 1857 BANCHI S3-302, has been accused as Major Gang Leader for abduction and abuse of Lady Irene Kunishima; who was brainwashed and kidnapped by the Kunishima Families clan in your Town.

The family names include Asano, Fujii, Hara, Kimura, Kojima, Sakurai, Sumi, Yamada Norimi and her Cocaine Parties.

What else do these buddhist priest families do with Japanese people's donations, defrauded  from false posturing; buy a another new Jaguar vehicle on Japanese people's bank loans? besides live off the fat of the land being temple grounds, then travel domestic corporate jet flights to resorts [sic] , bailout gasoline tax is now out of reach, so collect payouts from self inflicting diseases: who else would fornicate with a fornicator? 

What kind of felony is selling dope or feeding dope to your children to ensure they lap dance at the strip clubs in Hello Kitty or Milk brand fashion because fake brand designer goods are now too expensive for Kunishima Families clan

How will they survive when they have to pay rents? Work? 

Convenince store owners say "No Thank You," because immigrant Chinese labor is cheaper and Chinese do know proper Kanji for contraceptive. 

Allow Kunishima Families clan to build coffins for themselves in detention facilities aka 2nd homes. Surely the flock of degenerates will line up willingly for the three square meals quarantined by the State Japan, The Far East Asia. 

Such unwar.ranted drama makes me vomit every time I pass a cemetery or temple; why waste space when public housing is in demand?

Sure, give me a paper and pen when we sit down to draft an accord agreement for restra your Town. Thank goodness you left Tokyo in your past history. Wise choice for a promising leader to lead Aichi through the 21st Century as bona fide citizen of the global community who can be trusted.  

The last or least best place on Honshu for residential accommodations? 

You decide. Y | N. 

Kitagata Cho registered voters will support and welcome your efforts. You heard the word from Sharon? Kitagata Town is shutting down permanently.

With regrets I reported to Mizuho Ward Dick Yamamoto Kaka Richo last week for 4 days about these incidents. 

Dick Yamamoto Kaka Richo lectured me for hours on end how much he dreaded his job recovering abandoned dead bodies that I was unable to file nor state nor sign my grievances. 

Are Japanese burials really so expensive?

[Think of the organic matter to revitalize the Town terrain once Toyota Midland free breakfasts are eliminated,  just in time] 

The Rap by Leader Hiraiwa NAHO e Sexist Women at Toyota Enterprise  aka gang bangers: 
leaves me with with an open contract in perpetuity.
Hiraiwa Nahonaho.hiraiwa@toyota-ep.co.jp, 
Ando Kaori - kaori.ando@toyota-ep.co.jp, 
Hiroe Natsume -hiroe.natsume@toyota-ep.co.jp, and Super Stud 
Ito Isamu - isamu.ito@toyota-ep.co.jp   

Today, how are Butchy Boy Bucho and The Best Protege 
My Friend Victor?

The next day, Friday,  an APPD female officer from Mizuho Ward, to remain nameless to protect her privacy, her children's privacy and her happy husband's privacy rights, instructed me to call 110 using 
The Internet Free Telephone Services, referring to the Kyoeikotogakko Gang late night 2nd emergency. 

Needless to say I blew her off, like flies on your sleeves. 

You know as well as I do,  APPD Police Station have no Internet access. 
They were self abusers and lost their connection.

About the abducted Lady S. Irene, continue to read and weep for 
I had to report her death to Family Senior Authorities abroad and International Families Across The World at the hands of those Kunishima Families clan named above from your Town, 
as Japanese citizens responsible for another criminal tragedy. 

We learned The Lady Irene was found wrapped up in a mattress with her hair burned off, her mouth gagged, gang raped with both her hands and both feet bound from behind. 

The back, legs and arms were all broken in  several places. The Lady Irene was discovered in the rear of an abandoned stolen Range Rover. 

If I were any one of these clever Japanese citizens, well I have fear of God,  like I am scared of Nazis, what happens to these Japanese citizens, enemies of the State.  

Mayor Kawamura Takeshi initiate the sheets.  It would not be so lovely to be a cell mate with no pot to piss in with any one of the eyeless and senseless 坏蛋我希望他们在流沙烘干。


As sure as the rain falls during Rainy Season, the Kyoeikotogakko gang, creatures of bad habits, rolled through the streets on their bikes in Showa Ward. 

My instructions to a 7/11 Holdings employee were followed to a T. 
The Chinese Lady dialed by telephone Number 110 to report the incident. 

Hail Mary within 10 minutes 2 patrol cars arrived with 4 Showa Ward APPD Officer Gentlemen to receive statements without hesitations in Japanese, then immediately left to manhunt and search for the little crooks. 

Read and Listen carefully if you are using Apple Mac OS. 

Windows is not user friendly. 
In any case make sure you have eyewear to protect your eyes.
  1. Kyoeikotogakko bike gangs roam throughout Mizuho and Showa Wards and have been stalking local residents. The gang appears to enjoy bullying, stealing, stalking and trashing. Yes I am able to identify them by sight being one victim.
  2. Japanese Banda Sogoh Law Office lawyer Hanai still continues E-mailing threats against my life and making "demands that you should delete the internet noitce which defames me, as soon as possible." Kindly, if you would  Digg that on my behalf, for a good laugh we could share together.
  3.  whereas the lawyer Hanai had physically assaulted and battered causing bloody bodily injury at our last confidential meeting.  When I attempted to report his crimes at the APPD Naka Ward Police Station,  I was told, "The Japanese Dicks are on vacation for 2 weeks. Come back again after 2 weeks. Now scram." Which I did as told, though upon returning to the APPD Naka Ward Police Station 2 weeks later, I was told off by the Japanese Dicks over the in-house phone line, "if you ever come back to this station to disturb us, we will arrest you. Understand?" Click. Again I was ignored. Well, this is nothing new if you check their records of my 5 arrests under pretenses in one year.
  4. The Kawamura Heights Nisseki Building is crumbling from earth quakes and has become a living hazard for Japanese and Foreign residents.
  5. Maintenance fees are paid by residents at Kawamura Heights, yet no maintenance is proffered: Outdoor lighting is out of service or on request only; wasps have entered rooms through open ventilation ducts which are malfunctioning; hallways are dirty from soot and soiled with animal feces; toilets are broken leaking water and not replaced when requested. Should I continue with the derelict conditions? 
  6. Last month my Kawamura Heights rooms were robbed a second time by Nobuchiyo, the landlady, who admitted to my face, she took my personal items then falsified her statement that she would return stolen property. HAJI! HAJI! ANO HITO WA DOROBO NANO DE TAIHO SHITE KUDASAI.
  7. As a beneficiary of the Mizuho Ward Health and Welfare Department, civil servants of this division say, "This is no our concern." 
  8. Tantosha Kashino did pick up the telephone to waste city government funds speaking with Nobuchiyo, only to get an earful of bad mouthing of The House Santulli and hate speech one could hear down the hallways. Her final words were, "taiyo dekinai." Whatever that ideolect means, no one Japanese person could transliterate.
  9. As victim I reported the theft last month immediately to APPD Mizuho Ward Police Station on Sunday 03 September at 16:00 hours, where an aged officer wearing spectacles, pseudo named Tojoku Keiji, identity withheld at this time to protect his pension. The liar to your face officer told me, "It is all right that Nobuchiyo takes your personal property, but when she returns your property is not any concern to us nor you." 

" WHAT BULL PUCKY," you say. As for me, I saw highway robbers and vigilante bandits running rampant through your Town. 
Is hacking AOK or S.not? 

When I meet with the H.E. Lord Laird, Piero Fassino Mayor of Torino, 
I will remember your kind words of advice,
"Victim Protection and Victim Support- Public Prosecutors Office."

UV Radiation and Your Eyes




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