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12 February 2008

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine is the largest-selling young women's magazine in the world. Here's a gift to give your best friend or partner instant satisfaction on Valentine's Day 2008 - consider the digital edition of Cosmopolitan. Famous for its upbeat fashionwear and beauty tips Cosmopolitan focuses on career women. 

Candid discussions in contemporary Cosmopolitan Magazine unveil 21st century male/female relationships. You'll discover current sex, love and relationship advice in vogue as well as fashion trends. Featured in every issue is exclusive advice for Men titled Cosmo For Your Guy. Present him or her with 12 digital issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Even though Cosmopolitan is known for sex advice the fanzine primarily focuses on educating women in areas other than sexuality. Cosmopolitan recruits male staff members to answer female readers' questions women aren't able to ask their own I-GUY in life. On top of this Guy Confessions adds men’s embarrassing mishaps to those submitted by women.

Cosmopolitan Magazine has been reporting on social trends since its founding by Schlicht and Field for more than a century. Initially published as a first-class family periodical publication, "The Cosmopolitan" contained articles devoted exclusively to the interests of women with fashion, household decoration, cooking, and the care and management of children. Today the Hearst Communications journal traditionally discusses topics of sex, health, fitness and fashion.

Cosmopolitan Magazine





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