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04 March 2008

Alberta Ferretti Eyewear

The announcement of the new luxury eyewear collection of Alberta Ferretti was welcomed news. The Alberta Ferretti brand of sunglasses and glasses will focus on extreme care for details reflecting on the contemporary young women with elegance. 

The Milan-based designer Ferretti has become a worldwide celebrity in the fashion industry noted for the prestige gowns sensually characterized by standards of quality and excellence. 

The first collection of sixteen glasses and six sunglasses unveils at the Mido eyewear exhibitiion in Milan. Designer Alberta Ferrettti said, "The focus of the collection is on shape, material and color, but it's quite minimal because I find that excessive primping has had its time". 

The vision of luxury marked by femininity and stylishness noted in Alberta Ferretti's womenswear and footwear has been established by growing sales in Europe and Russia through Italian fashion group Aeffe SpA. Ferretti has also obtained a license with Gant for the production and distribution of children's wear, Alberta Ferretti Girls. 

Alberta Ferretti is big on high fashion as well as on business. She along with her brother operate the manufacturing company Aeffe. The company produces and distributes brand labels Moschino, Pollini, Basso,  Brooke and Jean Paul Gaultier. 

Women have always been given power in fashion. We are looking forward to the contemporary classic designs of Alberta Ferretti Eyewear. Watch and listen in this short video of the spring-summer 2008 fashion week in Milan to what people are saying about Alberta Ferretti and tell us what you think.

Alberta Ferretti Eyewear


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