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01 January 2009

Eyeglasses by FONAINZU

FONAINZU started to create prescription eyeglasses in 1995 and has since evolved into a net brand for eyewear online. The discount glasses serve you well as designer eyeglass frames. 

The design philosophy of functionality provides brand eyeglass frames in beautiful shapes and forms. The creations started with framework research using the Japanese face. FONAINZU took into consideration management of pain for those people who must wear glasses on the nose and around the ears. Are you one of them?

The development of the R joint shape, NOZUPATTO, is multifaceted so that the design envelopes the entire face. Development to meet standards against rust, low distortion and weight were studied for the structure of eyeglass frames which led the organization to select a titanium alloy. The titanium frames include various eyeglass styles.

You can appreciate the beauty of unisex Eyeglasses by FONAINZU designs as a breaking point in brand name glasses. There is a wide choice of kids eyeglasses for reading in the collection. 

Visit the eyeglass stores where there is an optometrist available before you buy reading glasses online to see the high quality that will change the value of eyeglasses to America’s best eyeglasses in the future.

Eyeglasses by FONAINZU


2 备注:

just optical said...

Many of us disconsider the importance of eyeglasses nowadays. More and more children need them and when buying ones, we only look at appearance and fashion, and not quality.

customoptics said...

While stock eyewear frames will work for most people who need or want eyeglasses, personally, I want more. More colors, retro designs, or even just something extra special or that has meaning for me.



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