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16 May 2011


On Sunday May 15, 2011 I was unable to board the Emergency Medical Flight home to Roma. It appeaars the State, Japan has no monies to re-pay accident victims insurance.

The House Santulli

Since May 2006 I had been dealing with pain management for cervical myelopathy experienced from a neurological disorder induced by being the victim of two motor vehicle accidents in Aichi Japon without any lawful legal aid nor protection. 

In addition my opthomologist had given me an early warning detection of cataracts, a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision.

The past few months my body has relapsed which had caused me to fail to complete T | R research and to augment regularly to the blogosphera platform. It became necessary to return to hospital to seek neurological, orthopedical and opthomologic advanced treatments in Roma, Italy.

I consider myself fortunate because I am rather young and elected for early surgery for the chronic symptoms I had been experiencing. 

We find no faults with the olive oil based Mediterranean diet that I follow daily for maintaining physical well being. Continue with your regimen while I regain my health. 

I strongly recommend warm baths throughout the day with enough mint leaves to turn the water lime colour. Add some apple skins, lemon, and pineapple. Soak 10-15  minutes then splash & rinse with buckets of bathtub water after leaving  the bathtub. Remember to replenish the hot water later on.  A small amount of extra virgin olive oil may be added to to moisturize and refreshen your body

Recognize that pain is often part of everybody's life experience and pain management today, including acupuncturemedical managementnerve blocksphysical therapyspinal cord stimulation, and stem cells has become a vitally important service available with a full range of treatment options.


All The Best. Accept Our Appreciation And Ext/

Pain Management


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