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24 February 2010

Andy Wolf Eyewear Production

Andy Wolf Eyewear is a small handmade eyewear company headquartered in Hartberg, Austria. Here's the detail of how they're made. The Andy Wolf Eyewear collection also makes a statement of social responsibility: they are not interested in outsourcing the production process in order to reduce costs. 

"Each pair of glasses is a unique, 100-percent handcrafted, Austrian product with a level of quality that could not be reached with mass production. And especially now with the economic crisis, we are proud to create and guarantee jobs in Austria.

For that reason Andy Wolf Eyewear is about more than just fashion,” says Katharina Plattner, managing partner of Andy Wolf. “Finishing a pair of glasses takes several weeks as every single piece is handmade. The spectacle frames not only stand for style and elegance but also make you completely forget that you are wearing glasses”.

The spectacle frames are made of acetate plates and prevent tension with the glass. During the production process every item has to pass a series of manufacturing steps and quality checks turning every Andy Wolf product into a unique handcrafted piece of eyewear.

Andy Wolf Eyewear Production


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