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25 February 2010

Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes

Most of the known vision disorders and diseases are described in "The Eye Care Revolution: Prevent and Reverse Common Vision Problems". From high-tech laser treatments to Asian remedies,  Dr. Robert Abel's guide explains new and conventional methods to prevent and even reverse most common vision disorders.

Vision is your most important sense and everybody needs to learn how to protect their eyesight. Those who do develop an eye disease can slow the progression and lessen the symptoms of the disease by protecting their eyesight. "The Eye Care Revolution: Prevent and Reverse Common Vision Problems" discusses some of the medications known to have effects on eye health.

Routine eye exams can detect vision problems, eye disease and general health problems before you are aware a problem exists. Sunglasses are essential for preventing sun damage to your eyes; at the same time, they can improve your vision and help you make a unique fashion statement.

Always wear sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays when outdoors for extended times and have fun. Stay current with 2010 trends in sunglasses and read articles for tips on buying designer sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, polarized lenses and more.

Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes


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