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17 August 2012

Ana Hickmann Eyewear

The brand known simply as Ana Hickmann is one filled with high-end fashion. 

This label markets all manner of clothing but the accessories line is most famous for its sunglasses

Ana Hickmann glasses are designed for the chic and trendy. 

They are meant to be worn for fashion and as a status symbol opposed to simple utility.

The Brazilian born supermodel Hickmann opted to begin promoting her own line of fashion which included clothing, cosmetics, shoes and sunglasses. 

Her keen sense of fashion and style were immediately labeled as trendy and even though less than a decade has passed since her brand was launched it is currently well received across the world.

The Ana Hickmann brand is known for is style and trendsetting capacity. This places the line firmly in the High-End Fashion Market. 

Overall, the Ana Hickmann glasses line is solidly constructed with the idea of high fashion in mind. 

Ana Hickmann Eyewear  
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