Happy Moon Festival 中秋节快乐 Happy Moon Festival

05 August 2012

Designer Sunglasses Eyewear

Allo Allo 거기 泽: Allo! Bonjour! Mon Cher Amie! 
Bonjour. Thank you too for sharing il pranzo cinese with our blind sighted in-law-family.

Pasto completo. 
It was stupendo! 
Adel, who wore Cavalli wild diva sunglasses took Instagram that we were all passing out.
The banana and vegetable chips were smacking, didn't you think cher amie?

How the imported wines japonais all tasted like piss water! Even though we amused in spite of grotesque Hijiriko!

Non! Mais Non! Non! We did not spit on her. 
Hijiriko only wears Chanel Sunglasses and Eyewear.
She was a career waif on Rue de Cambon we tired of. 

CHANEL Rue de Cambon ref Hijiriko

Ouais Ouais so delightful to see you, although I noticed you dash without dolce - un gâteau de papaye.

Your boyfriend 罗米 罗米 behaved well when the guys were having brandies and cigars. 
 When you see 罗米 罗米, give him our "Best Regards" SVP. Our children said he was "so cut.esi".

You must join us next time for Le Smoking evening engagement. 
Do say Ouais Ouais, won't you? You know you forgot your watch! Come by Michel's hospital rooms at anytime. 

Your Eldest brother mentioned you wanted to speak with Michel about "advantages"; is that really true? Are both my eyes and ears so mistaken?

Peter M apologized for missing the chance to chat and dine with You. Peter and You are so like twins, that it would have been an even more enjoyable evening hanging out. 

Sadly Peter M needed to attend to Marjorie, His Wife who had an emergency situation in Rio di JaneiroShe departed sans eyewear fashion from the London Home months before olympic events were inaugurated.

Ouais. Ouais. 
We are making plans now to return to Roma, Italia for the Autumn and Winter Holidays. Stefano and his beautiful wife, the banker who bemoans Burberry Eyewear became chef to our Family this year. They are gratuitously taking care of all the arrangements again.

NON. Michel is going directly in hospital from
Aeroporto di Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci - Adr.it - Aeroporti di Roma
There are going to be several weddings to attend that you,  will be able take Michel's chair. Irene explained  how  must have 1st choice to use Michel's hotel rooms as well.

No yada yada yada! Non. Non. Non. No yadas accepted SVP. Accept our appreciation and ext/

小泽 must consider joining our Family for the sojourn and say hello to boyfriend 罗米 罗米

Head's Up! My husband is falling in love again.

Oh Dear! The baby is wetting his self as well.




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