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05 September 2012

Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses

We were recently contacted by TSUJIMAKI LAW OFFICES in Aichi regarding difficulties senior blind sighted Japanese Nationals have in their daily lives.. 

Tsujimaki Makoto and his partner Tsujimaki Toshiko were listed on The Internet entries as attending Harvard, one of our alma maters, that we were most interested 
in meeting with the Tsujimakis personally.

Representative Nejihashi Kaori dismissed our request for a personal meeting and a month later scheduled an appointed afternoon time to meet with her and another female colleague at TSUJIMAKI LAW OFFICES, where she misinterpreted 100% of our personal concerns. 

Nejihashi Kaori's grasp of the issues which we exchanged through numerous E-mail transmissions along with the discussion in TSUJIMAKI LAW OFFICES, were  inappropriate as well as unproductive to provide significant support for men and women with eye diseases from contac lens related eye infections.

How unfortunate that we should have had to inform Nejihashi Kaori of the reputable damage to TSUJIMAKI LAW OFFICES that she had incurred.  

To tarnish a legitmate  law practice with sensory issues was beyound the scope of Nehihashi's comprehension in English or Japanaese. Since Nejihashii spoke neither French, Italian, nor Spanish; she allowed us no room for compromise. 

Imagine a matrix madonna in black leather, wearing Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses  with all the fashionable illusions to sexual dominatrixes YouTube abuser Madonna et Al. We trust you get that picture out of  mind now, like we did with Nejihashi.

photo courtesy DOLCE & GABBANA

Without doubt this was the image projected by Nejihashi as she forced us to observe her visage throughout her hostessing session.

In fact, Nejihashi appeared unapologeticly late for the scheduled time, obviously unable to read time from her faux pas: a Chanel J12 Replica Men's Size Watch; Automatic Movement - Black with Diamonds.
Another representative of TSUJIMAKI LAW OFFICES, as promised to aid our primary concern for Blind  Senior Citizens was not available, so non excusable without our having been graciously told of previous insider knowledge. 

Some Japanese woman, we presumed named KIMURA SHIZUE, by her crumpled name card, interrupted our meeting by not speaking a single word. At first glance, we thought she was mute behind her eyeglasses frames. 

Later as she sat stone faced, flashing a cheshire smile throughout the briefing while ignoring any of our direct intercommunication by sign language, we were snobbishly ignored  as if we were non existent. 

photo courtesy DOLCE & GABBANA

The agreed fee for consultation was dismissed by Nejihashi, whose explanation was incomprehensible in any idiolect. How are you, Tsujimaki  Makoto and Tsujimaki Toshiko able to maintain a reputable business organization let alone any meaningful law practice with such incompetence? 

No, No. Assolutamente no. Lei non ha effettuato una lap dance per noi.

Your representatives were simply "acting as attorneys" so poorly attuned to bunga bunga that we were elated to cut short the meeting claiming a medical emergency. Well William Bradley did have to piz so badly; he drank too many Coca Colas for breakfast and lunch. 

If in the future should we wish to ask the gentil folks at TSUJIMAKI LAW OFFICES for gift donations or grants; even to hire out legal services, we would prefer meeting face to face or through video conference on Apple - FaceTime whenever we are not in residence  in the State, Japan The Far East Asia. 

As for present situations of TSUJIMAKI LAW OFFICES  financial security, we recommend downsizing  your inept staff. 

How Nejihashi and Kimura ever have become licensed in the State, Japan and the State, New York, The United States of America is not beyond serious doubt.





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